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TEW Raiding Guide

Rules and Procedures for The Eternal Watch Raids

It is expected all members read and understand them prior to attending raids.

Raid Eligibility
All members and recruits of The Eternal Watch are eligible to sign-up and attend raids. Additionally, all raiders must be COMPLETELY registered to the web site. For a complete description of the registration process, see this thread in the forums.

There are possibilities of "guests" attending; however, members/recruits are given first priority even if they do not sign-up for the raid in advance. Any such "guests" MUST be approved by the raid leader or an officer prior to the raid! In addition, main characters will be given higher priority over alternates when the final roster is posted.

Raid Participation
Raiding within The Eternal Watch is purely optional--there is no mandatory raiding; however, that being said, due to natural decay of DKP for DKP-related raids, it is suggested to maintain a good attendance in order to bid upon items.  DKP is based upon the premise of the more one raids, the more they will be able to earn items.

If you do raid, it is expected you raid with the guild, particularly raids associated with the DKP system (see DKP Loot Rules).  The system was designed to allow competitive bidding and appropriate rewards based upon the time spent raiding with the guild.  This means that raiding with other guilds or participating in "pug" raids for content still having DKP rules for the guild is strictly forbidden without extreme extenuating circumstances approved by the guild leader BEFORE such actions are taken; otherwise, participating in non-guild raids for DKP content is grounds for dismissal and removal from The Eternal Watch.

Raid Schedules
All raids will be posted on the Calendar approximately one week in advance by a raid leader or officer. Note that raid times are SERVER TIME.

Raid Sign-ups
As stated above, all members/recruits who are completely registered to the website can sign-up for a raid. Other members CANNOT sign up somebody who is not registered to the site unless approved by an officer due to unusual circumstances (e.g., new recruit who's character data has not been updated in the WoW Armory so unable to claim them on the site or family members with only one household e-mail address available to register with).

Raid rosters will be determined by the raid leader depending on the boss, instance, and other classes signed up for the raid. Just because you sign up first for a raid does not necessarily mean you are going!

Final Roster
The raid leader will post the final roster of those attending the raid no later than one hour before the start of the raid in the  Raid, Event, and Quest Scheduling Forum

Once the Final Roster of a raid is posted in the forums, members CANNOT remove themselves from the Calendar sign-up sheet as a means of being unable to attend! They will need to contact the raid leader via PM or e-mail to notify them directly of their inability to attend the raid. Any cancellations not following this process are subject to DKP penalty (25-man raids only)!

Raid Attendance
All people on the final roster are expected to be ONLINE and AT THE INSTANCE no later than TEN MINUTES BEFORE THE RAID to receive the On-time Bonus. Invites begin 30 minutes prior to the scheduled time.  Expect to be at the instance at the start of the raid, so do NOT expect summons if you are late...if you believe you are going to be late, make an effort to log out at the instance the day before.

Any individual NOT ONLINE and AT THE INSTANCE at the scheduled start of the raid may be replaced by somebody on the Waiting List and charged a DKP penalty. People coming online after a raid has started may be added to the Waiting List at any time once the raid begins.

Anybody who is a no-show to a raid after having signed up and on the final roster is subject to a DKP penalty. If you have a legitimate excuse please let an officer or raid leader know in order to waive a penalty. We're not out to be jerks, so if you have connection issues, traffic, working late, etc. just let us know...no reasonable excuse will be denied. We're all adults here, if you make a commitment to attend a raid, you're expected to show up but we do realize real life sometimes intervenes.

Waiting List
Those eligible to attend raids as listed above may elect to be placed on the Waiting List during a raid. In order to receive DKP points (25-man raids) you must be ONLINE in some form or you will forfeit all DKP earned for that session. If you are going to play an alternate character, you are responsible for notifying the raid leader or an officer attending the raid!

DKP and Loot Distribution
ONLY 25-man raids will earn DKP. This is due to many times people unable to get into limited slots for 10-man raids. We will be utilizing an EPGP DKP system, for more information on this, please see this link...

Please see the appropriate links for loot and DKP distribution for raids:
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